Our Impact Promise

At Round Hill Ventures, we know we have a responsibility to our community, our portfolio companies, and our investors. Being impact conscious investors, we aim to change the future in everything we do and by investing in founders who will make the biggest impact. We achieve this by:

  • Investing inline with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Measuring, tracking, and reporting on our own internal and also portfolio company operations
  • We hold ourselves accountable to impact the Built Environment today and create a better future.

Join us in our impact promise.

Our Journey To Date

Since 2016, we have sharpened our investment thesis to seize emerging opportunities

Understanding PropTech 2016 – 2017

Initially completed investments using RHC balance sheet to understand the opportunity of PropTech, a burgeoning space in the real estate and tech world. While still in its infancy, PropTech was quickly growing as real estate players started recognising that things had to change or else they would be disrupted.

Whilst ESG and impact factors were considered, these were not a key focus or measured.

PropTech v1.0 2018 – 2019

Developed an initial investment thesis focusing on opportunities that were considered ‘low hanging fruit’ within the Built Environment – with the adoption of user centric products, increased use of data and optimisation of space:

Example thesis investments:

Impact Conscious Investor 2020 – Onwards (RHV I)

Over time we observed increased:

  • regulatory and public scrutiny around ESG factors
  • high quality, venture-backable companies solving ESG problems
  • customer demand for these solutions – growing the size of the opportunity.

We evolved our thesis to increase consideration and focus on climate sustainability and financial inclusion.

We began to codify our assessment of ESG factors in the investment processes. We also seek to measure and monitor these post investment.

Overall Approach

RHV’s ESG strategy is embedded in an overall investment and operational framework, applied over the whole investment lifecycle

  • ESG impact is considered and evaluated during the whole investment process
  • RHV’s will invest into startups with a positive effect on climate and financial inclusion within the built environment
Portfolio Management
  • RHV’s has set up a framework to measure, track, and report ESG metrics for every company across the portfolio
Internal Operations
  • RHV acts as a role model for its portfolio companies and the venture capital ecosystem

Let’s build the future together.

We’re just getting started. Investing consciously and doing our part is just the beginning. We are always working on improving our impact initiatives by challenging ourselves and looking at what experts, such as Breakthrough Energy or Good Economy, are doing.

No one can fight climate change alone. We want to work together with you to further our impact goals by building out a best-in-class framework and making sure we’re holding ourselves to the highest standards. We all need to do our part.

Let’s work together to build a better tomorrow.